Salary insurance is a popular product in the Danish workforce. Krifa was a first-mover in the field — as in literally the first company to provide the service — but in recent years competition has become increasingly tough.

In an effort to boost online sales, I was tasked with redesigning the salary insurance calculator, as this was identified as a key point in the customer journey.


When increased competition is a key component in a design problem, obviously the only right place to start is a thorough competitor research. Thus I set out to go through every available calculator I could find online, and observed three general types: aesthetic/branded, information heavy, and outdated. The latter category was not interesting for obvious reasons, so I made a mobile prototype in XD, where I tried to balance aesthetics and information in a single screen, and subsequently ran user tests to gain further insights.

Some initial drafts for the calculator, one of which (center) was put through a formal user test.

Interestingly, the user tests revealed that I was shooting way past the target. While at face value there was a degree of appreciation for the sleek card-based logic that I hard implemented to both enhance look-and-feel, while also presenting better modes of comparison between plans, it became obvious that the affordance of a simple form was far more pragmatic from a usability point-of-view, As far as information goes, it turned out my intention to serve it as a means of comparison resulted in ditto overload. While the transparency was universally appreciated, there was frankly too many numbers present in one viewport.

Cutting it back to the basics, we decided to just expand the already existing calculator with a card explaining detailing the selected coverage only, reducing the amount of information to parse, while maintaining a large degree of transparency. We also added a recommendation that will recommend the most ideal solution for the customer, based on a calculation of coverage vs. pricing, and thus relieving the user the hassle of comparing every specific detail. On the date of writing, the new calculator has resulted in an 18% increase in online sales.

The next improvement planned is an option to being called up by a sales agent to finalize the sale. This is an effort to boost sales with new leads (you have to be a member of the main organization to buy salary insurance) as well as closing the deal with leads who are still insecure about what can be a relatively complex product.

An Adobe XD screen grab of the latest iteration, due during the fall of 2019.