A car reselling platform that allows car sellers to get an objective assessment of their car’s value, wanted to improve lead generation. The user flow was fairly straight-forward: you answer a series of question about your vehicle and ultimately you’re given an assessment in exchange for a lead. However, there was an ambition to boost leads even further.


Step one was a heuristic evaluation to identify low-hanging fruits, such as organizing information-rich screens in a way that offered a better overview and redefining the grid in order to provide a more structured and rhythmic user experience.

Next, I conducted a series of user tests, scoring each step of the form on a mood scale, ranging from excited to frustrated. In this way I was able to highlight in a visual and specific way where there was potential for improvement.

NOTE: The recommendation of this research was to put the lead-capture after the results page, which had been tested without the desired effects. Given the outcome of the user tests, however, the journey map itself still stands to reason.