Soren Romer

I'm a Digital Designer based in Aarhus, Denmark.

Going Places

Campaign website for a travel-themed campaign of menswear brand Jack & Jones. The website served as an alternative travel guide to seven different cities. I morphed the static mockups into live, interactive experiences, with my favourite part being the Google Maps part, where you could kinda take a walk in some of the coolest neighborhoods of the citites.

  • frontend
  • animations

If Men Ruled Christmas

Christmas campaign for menswear brand Jack & Jones. I only played a minor part in this project, but the part I got to play was pretty fun! Specifically, I provided some small micro-interaction animations, and a strip light effect svg animation on the campaigns key graphic element, the antlers, which--if I may say so myself--turned out pretty cool, considering I'm not a motion graphics designer :-P

  • interaction design
  • animations

A Sunny Day

A tiny webapp designed and developed on the darkest day of winter, with the sole purpose of shedding a bit of sunshine.

  • concept
  • frontend


This is an early wireframe prototype of the admin app for an affiliate-based concept that allows consumers to build their own fashion store. The end-all-be-all for the success of this project is that the admin app works easily enough that people would actually bother to keep their store up-to-date, and this was were I helped enrich the product. Unfortunately, I left the company before this particular product launched, but it was fun to be part of none the less!

  • concept development
  • wireframes
  • prototype

Krifa Salestable

Trying to fit an offline concept in an online context can be tricky. None the less, that was the task at hand with this salestable, which was first designed by an ad agency as a printed sales tool, which made the mobile version in particular tricky. I designed numerous versions that were tested with users, and ended up with a fairly conventional solution with a few added twists to convey the complexity of the products--and keep the marketing team happy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • frontend
  • user testing

Velvet Studio

If I'm being honest, I only delivered minor inputs to the visuals of the site--and those were strictly ux-related--so I can't take credit for the sleek look. What I did do, however, was to give Velvet Studio a place to call home on the world wide web at a budget, which was good fun, particular because they're great people to work with!

  • frontend

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